Cute, stylish, trendy

Cute, stylish, and trendy are words I would use to describe On Cloud 9. I wish they had clothes in my size! But, no problem for me, because I have two granddaughters that love this store. They have adorable clothes,pillows, jewelry, toys, and other accessories. It is not cheap, but the clothing is well made and the salespeople are helpful. There are plenty of sizes that fit smaller children all the way up to teens. So, if you are looking for a special outfit or a unique gift, be sure to stop by and take a look. You won’t leave empty handed.

Love On Cloud 9!

I’m not sure how anyone could not love On Cloud 9! They have loads of all of the latest, greatest and coolest casual and dressy clothing and accessories for babies thru teens. There literally are very few stores like it. We include a visit every time we are in the area. In fact right now I’m in a pickle since my daughters are in dire need of dress clothes for mitzvahs and there are no stores like On Cloud 9 in Charleston SC! Carol and Marci are the best! Pretty please open a store here!!

Pay a visit to On Cloud 9

If you have a 6-14 year old girl, you might want to pay a visit to “On Cloud 9″… on that child’s birthday; cause that B is gonna want a lot o’ dis -ish in this store.  My older niece is just about that age, and I’ve stopped in a couple of times to check out their selection.

Lots of graphic tees with semi-sassy sayings on them.  E.g.:
*Nacho Business
*IDK Google It
*Emoji’s that spell out “Heart Ice-Cream Full”
That sort of stuff: Autograph pillows, tights, slacks, fuzzy ornamental pillows, soft jersey onesies etc.

It’s a really good store for gifts/wares of that age range. Heavier on the clothing side of things, there’s always a sales rack out whenever I frequent the Starbucks that is 2 doors down.

Located in Potomac Woods Plaza with Walgreens, Amici Miei, (New) O’Donnel’s Market.
Check it out!

On Cloud 9 should be a staple

On Cloud 9 should be a staple in anyone’s life, if they know/ have girls who love fashion!!! From the very hip clothes, to the gorgeous dresses for fancy parties, to the accessories and trendy and cool jewelry, to the super nice employees, this is definitely the place to go to find the best cool stuff in town!!