Pay a visit to On Cloud 9

If you have a 6-14 year old girl, you might want to pay a visit to “On Cloud 9″… on that child’s birthday; cause that B is gonna want a lot o’ dis -ish in this store.  My older niece is just about that age, and I’ve stopped in a couple of times to check out their selection.

Lots of graphic tees with semi-sassy sayings on them.  E.g.:
*Nacho Business
*IDK Google It
*Emoji’s that spell out “Heart Ice-Cream Full”
That sort of stuff: Autograph pillows, tights, slacks, fuzzy ornamental pillows, soft jersey onesies etc.

It’s a really good store for gifts/wares of that age range. Heavier on the clothing side of things, there’s always a sales rack out whenever I frequent the Starbucks that is 2 doors down.

Located in Potomac Woods Plaza with Walgreens, Amici Miei, (New) O’Donnel’s Market.
Check it out!

~ Mike B., Bethesda, MD on Yelp